Top 3 Best Hand Planes For Woodworking By Stanley Tools

Top 3 Best Hand Planes Review For Your Woodworking Projects By Stanley Tools

The best hand planes are some of the most essential woodworking tools because they can make the lives of woodworkers easier and more convenient. These tools can be used single-handedly, but some require two-hand operation for the large bench types.

When it comes to hand planes, one brand to pop on your mind can include Stanley Tools. Check out some of my personal preference in the following.

1. Stanley 12-137 Low Angle Jack Plane

Top 3 Best Hand Planes For Woodworking By Stanley Tools

This Stanley tool is one of the must have woodworking tools for any professional or amateur woodworker. A hand plane not to miss when looking for a heavy-duty and reliable one is the Stanley 12-137 No.62, which is made of a thicker A2 steel blade.

What it does is increasing edge retention that adds to its durability for long- lasting use through the years. Whether you are using it for DIY arts and crafts and projects at home or at the shop, the low angle jack plane can keep up because its thick blade can also reduce chatter while performing well.

You will also like that the product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring your peace of mind that you will receive assistance and help when needed. The Stanley 12-137 is also designed with easy adjustments according to your preference.

In addition to this great feature, you will also appreciate that it has the patented adjustment-locking feature for ease of use. This is one of the best jack plane in the market.


  • Made with durable cherry wood handle.
  • Ideal for different wood types for its mouth adjustment.
  • Iron casted for durability and weight.
  • Accuracy for its frog and base casted as one.
  • Patented adjustment-locking feature.


  • A bit expensive.

2. Stanley 12-139 Bailey Low Angle Block Plane

Top 3 Best Hand Planes For Woodworking By Stanley Tools

When choosing a low angle block plane for your woodworking projects, you might want to take a second look at the Stanley 12-139 Bailey No.60-1/2 for its numerous features that you might not be able to find from standard models on the market.

For one, it is from a reliable brand that has been around for many years, supplying woodworking fanatics and professionals with high quality and heavy-duty hand tools essential in completing their projects or tasks. It is also designed with a cast iron base that also translates to an accurate and smooth planing that we need.

Another thing that makes it a good low angle block plane is its frog and base casted as only one piece, ensuring of a no chatter and enjoyable use. When it comes to durability, no other brand can beat the Stanley model with superior edge retention for its 1/8 steel blade, which isn’t something to find easily from other fine woodworking tools blades on the market.

You will also appreciate that this low angle block plane has an adjustable mouth. It works by reducing the tearing out, which is quite common from other low angle block planes on the market. Regarding being secured in place, woodworkers also appreciate the Norris style of adjustment coming with a lateral lock that also ensures smooth operation.

One more thing that makes the Stanley 12-139 Bailey No.60-1/2 unique is it solid brass adjustment that makes it easier to use. You can also rest assured of getting needed help for its limited lifetime warranty. In our opinion, this is one of the best block plane for woodworking.

You will also love that this model has a heavier body that ensures of fine quality shavings and better control. This product is also perfect for many types of wood for its mouth adjustment feature. On a negative note, this low angle block plane requires honing.


  • Thicker A2 steel blade for edge retention.
  • Solid brass ensures smooth operation.
  • Limited lifetime warranty included.
  • Increased performance for its heavy body.
  • Accuracy for its machined base.


  • Requires honing before use for superb shavings.

3. Stanley 12-140 Shoulder and Chisel Plane

Top 3 Best Hand Planes For Woodworking By Stanley Tools

You will also need a shoulder and chisel plane to add into your collection and to perform your woodworking tasks better and with increased precision. For that purpose, you might want to give the Stanley 12-140 No.92 a second look.

It is a reliable and heavy-duty shoulder and chisel plane that promotes smooth operation for its great design and sharp blade. This product is designed and made with a ¾-inch blade, which increases edge retention.

It is also of A2 material, a superior steel type that can last longer than others out there can. The thick blade can also promote not only smooth operation but also reduced chatter.

Another thing to appreciate from the Stanley shoulder and chisel plane is its dual purpose that increases your savings and saves storage space. It is also notable for its solid brass knobs that promote smooth operation.

In addition, the product is backed up limited lifetime warranty that is one of the marks of a reliable brand that believes in their products. You can also have peace of mind of increased accuracy for its cast iron base, ensuring you can finish your projects with excellence. The shoulder and chisel plane is also easy to control for its finger grips.

Overall, choosing the Stanley 12-140 No.92 is one good decision because it is easy to control, reliable, durable and precise. So if you’re looking for great results from your DIY or shop projects, you should not miss adding this plane into your woodworking toolbox.

However, this plane is a bit more expensive than those sold by other brands are. But nevertheless, it is a worthwhile investment that can last long to serve you for the years to come. In conclusion, this is the best shoulder plane in the market.


  • Added durability and weight for its iron casting.
  • Accuracy for its machined base.
  • Dual-purpose tool ensures top savings.
  • Improved comfort for its finger grips.
  • Can reduce chatter and ensure smooth operation for its thicker blade.


  • A bit expensive.

Summing Up

The Stanley hand planes won’t disappoint you. These brand’s tools have been trusted through the years for their performance, quality and features. If you’re looking for the best hand planes that will last for many years, you might not have to look any further.

Some of the best of them for your shop or DIY projects are featured above. They possess the strength, precision, quality and heavy-duty characteristics to give us the most value for every dollar spent. Check them out today. Happy Woodworking!

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