Top 5 Best Jigsaw Power Tools Review For Your Woodworking Projects

If you love woodworking whether it’s your hobby or job, then you might be looking for the best jigsaw power tool for woodworking on the market. But with plenty of choices, you might be feeling a bit stress right now.

It’s the exact same reason we’ve compiled a list of the top rated best jigsaw review to help users choose. Check them out.

Top Five Best Jigsaw Power Tool For Woodworking Projects

1. Black & Decker Jigsaw Tool BDEJS600C 

Top 5 Best Jigsaw Power Tool For Woodworking Review

The Black & Decker Jigsaw BDEJS600C is an affordable jigsaw tool for your woodworking projects. It is from a reputable brand known for manufacturing power tools for more than a century. This power woodworking jigsaw has the 5-amp motor with the capability of creating 45-degree cuts. Its strong and excellent motor can produce a cutting power of up to 3000SPM, aiding in most of your tasks.

Based on the material or application, you can also choose from the different speeds available. Take note that the Black & Decker BDEJS600C is a corded model, meaning you’re restricted to using a power outlet of 120V. But while it is corded, it can give you much freedom to move because the cord is long enough. It also has advantages over cordless models that have the tendency to run out of power.

This jigsaw also has accessible controls and is compact. 
The BDEJS600C has a good grip, giving you a comfortable time for using it. Its arched handle lets you work for extended time periods without leaving your hand blistered. In addition, the tool has four orbital settings and unique Curve Control technology. With the adjustable settings, you can also easily manage your tasks without any hassle.


  • Powerful 15-amp motor.
  • Customized orbital settings for control.
  • Offers convenience for compatibility with T and U shank blades.
  • Precise bevel cuts up to 45-degree levels.
  • Keyless blade clamp.


  • Might not be for commercial projects.

2. DEWALT Jigsaw Tool DW331K

Top 5 Best Jigsaw Power Tool For Woodworking Review

The DEWALT DW331K isn’t your typical jigsaw for your woodworking projects because it is a high performance tool. The tool also has a 6.5-amp motor power that lets you finish any task with ease. It also has stroke adjustments between 500 and 3100 strokes/minute and variable speed settings.

It produces a stroke length of one inch and delivers strong cutting performance for excellent cuts due to its four orbital actions. However, the blade wander might be a problem when working with larger depths. Another remarkable feature of the jigsaw is its fast keyless blade change system. It only means you won’t have to buy and use an additional hand tool to change the blade quickly.

This DEWALT jigsaw comes with a small dust blower, keeping the sightline clear and clean. It also has a cast foot surrounded by a plastic sub-base preventing work piece scratches. It also offers better and more comfortable handling because of its rubber type handle. However, take note that this model only accepts T shank blades because of its blade change mechanism. It will not be a disadvantage because many woodworkers are already using T shank blades.


  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor.
  • Rear wheel blade guide.
  • 4 – Step orbital action.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • Keyless Blade Change Lever.


  • Does not have a blade guide system.

3. PORTER-CABLE Jig Saw Tool Orbital PCE345  

Top 5 Best Jigsaw Power Tool For Woodworking Review

The PCE345 is a 6-amp jigsaw tool, which is powerful enough for quality and excellent cuts. The power tool is a corded model, which is available at an affordable price. If you’re on the market finding a supreme and easy on the pocket jigsaw, you might want to consider the Porter Cable. It does not only offer high performance but also the durability you’ll need for your cutting tasks.

The PORTER-CABLE Jigsaw PCE345 is made from tough materials, helping it withstand heavy abuse for home or commercial applications. When it comes to comfort and convenience, it is built with oversized over-mold handle, providing you with better grip. Even with long hours of use, you won’t have to worry about fatigue and blisters.

Speaking of comfort, the jigsaw is lighter than other products in the same category because it only weighs 5.4 lbs. The jigsaw is lightweight yet solid to last long. This product also has an easy blade changing system. You just have to take the old blade out and replace it with a new one without any additional tools required.


  • Excellent 6-amp motor.
  • 7-setting dial built into the trigger.
  • Over molded grips.
  • 4 orbital settings for the best cutting performance.
  • 3, 200 SPM of no load speed.


  • No cutting blade supplied.
  • Blade isn’t squared with the base.
  • No carry case.

4. SKIL Jigsaw Power Tool 4495-02 Orbital Action Laser 

Top 5 Best Jigsaw Power Tool For Woodworking Review

The SKIL Jigsaw power tool 4495-02 is one of the most affordable and efficient best jigsaw on the market. It has a 6-amp motor plus laser and orbital action to help you perform your task with ease. This jigsaw is ideal for those looking for power and precision. It also comes with the four-position orbital cut control, letting you choose the desired cut – smooth or fast.

The jig saw also results to precise cuts – thanks to its laser guide. In addition, the power tool also has an efficient design, delivering more control. It also has a rounded outlook design, which provides you with a more comfortable grip. You can use it for a long time for its easy grip handle with a molded handle, which also has enough space regardless your hand size. Even with a heavy grip, you can handle it easily.

Regarding power, you’ll be amazed of the SKIL 4495-02, which comes with a 6-amp motor. It’s higher versus other jigsaw brands on the market have. It can cut through your pieces without any problems but with high precision.


  • Noise-free and vibration-free operation.
  • 6-amp motor power.
  • Easy speed adjustment.
  • Smooth handle.


  • Doesn’t hold the dust blower.
    Low warranty.

5. Bosch Jigsaw Power Tool JS260 Top-Handle 

Top 5 Best Jigsaw Power Tool For Woodworking Review

The Bosch Jigsaw JS260 is a 6-amp jigsaw offering top performance and precision cuts. It is an entry-level model from the brand known for manufacturing power tools for many years. The model also has variable speed levels to suit every application. Speed settings range from 500 to 3100 SPM.

The speed dial in the trigger can set the maximum speed. It also has accelerator trigger controls that let you control the jigsaw’s speed during operation. The feature is handy, letting you adjust the speed as you’re going for a top speed.

This model also comes with a strong footplate for added cutting precision. So apart from an excellent 6-amp motor, this jigsaw is also reliable especially for its adjustable speed settings. Its motor can also deliver up to 3100 SPM with a 3/4 inch in stroke length.

The Bosch JS260 comes with four orbital action settings to choose per cutting application. In addition, the product has an ergonomic handle to prevent blisters and hand fatigue even after long hours of use. Every purchase also comes with an insulated cover and offers users with a comfortable grip for its two-finger trigger.


  • Strong 6.0-amp motor.
  • Variable speed.
  • Adjustable dust blower.
  • Built-in dust blower.
  • 4-orbital action settings.


  • Plastic-made quick release blade and can easily break.

Final Thoughts

Considering the main functions and features of the best jigsaw for woodworking, you can make a better decision when choosing the right jigsaw to help you perform the job. Hope this article helped you make a right choice. Happy Woodworking!

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