How to Start A Woodworking Business with Wood Profits

How To Start Your Own Woodworking Business From Home With Wood Profits

(2020 Update)

Do you want to know how to start a woodworking business? Have you always dreamed of having a woodworking business but then so many things are stopping you? Are you hesitant due to the cost involved, as you’ve read from many guides online?

But then, you always want to turn your creativity into a reality because you have the passion and flare for woodworking projects and creating masterpieces out of wood materials? Listen up.

  • If you’re one of those looking to start a woodworking business that does not require forking out much money on tools, machinery and space,
  • If you’re aiming at this business that lets you work from home to spend more time with your family, prevent frequent commute or drive to a shop or want more free time yet an income stream,
  • If you want to work during your free time but still work with your full time job,
  • If you want a profitable business to grow – that eventually becomes a full time job had you chosen it,
  • If you REALLY want to become a woodworker, working on a profitable business while letting you do the things you love and turning your masterpieces into good cash quickly.
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THEN THIS IS FOR YOU! Start a woodworking business from home in seven days without big capital required. Starting this business isn’t as hard or as risky as you think it is. Let “Wood Profits” show you how to make money from home. You can now monetize your woodworking ideas and woodworking projects.

Starting a woodworking business from home isn’t really risky; in fact, any doubts you have about it will disappear knowing that….

  • Woodworking lets you do a job you enjoy and you be paid for it later.
  • You will feel rewarded with the compliments you’d get from friends, buyers and family members for the beauty and artistry of your work.
  • Wood Profits gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy your life and live it to the fullest without having to be tied in front of a desk all day long. That said you would have more chances of traveling and spending time with your loved ones.
  • You can set your own schedule and business hours, without going to the office and finishing a whole load of paper works from 9-6.
  • It is a job that does not interfere with your regular job, or it becomes your chance to switch from a part time woodworking business into a full time one when your work becomes so in demand that you receive plenty of orders.
  • A woodworking business requires only a small cost to start while offering different opportunities for growth – getting big contracts from furniture shops, offices, restaurants and so on…
How to Start A Woodworking Business with Wood Profits

What is Wood Profits?

Jim Morgan launched the digital training program to help you learn how to do woodworking from home in 1995. A bit about the author: He’s a full time woodworking business owner that put up his business only in his garage, from 10 x 12 to 1,400 foot space. His firsthand experiences and knowledge in the industry made him a credible source of information for woodworking enthusiasts, hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

Wood Profits has been around for more than two decades, and since then has helped thousands of people earn between $90,000 and $150,000 with only $100 initial cost. What’s in it? Wood Profits is a package of an MP3 audio and a downloadable e-book, containing all you need to know on how to start a woodworking business.

The PDF is a complete suite of an email coaching, audio and guide – discussing from how to pick the right wood up to establishing a customer base. [The guide also offers sound and realistic tips on how to reduce energy cost needed by the shop.]

How to Start A Woodworking Business with Wood Profits

Plans and Blueprints

The guide contains more than 500 plans for clocks, jewelry boxes and toys, among other projects. It also comes with more than 100 blueprints of the best woodworking projects for creating different crafts.

Starting a Woodworking Business Guide

Wood Profits shows you how to start the business with as little as $100. It also contains a guide on how to get the most out of your business, find suppliers and build a loyal customer base.


  • The package also comes with the best 500 selling woodworking plans of the creator himself so that you can create as many projects to sell later.
  • How to build an outdoor shed – This will teach you how to create an extra workspace aside from having it in your garage or basement.

VIP Package

You may want to grab this offer if you’re serious about making money from home doing woodwork. It includes 1000+ important documents, 150 plans, one-on-one coaching and a legal binding and contract.

BEST part with the VIP is that you will have a lifetime coaching with Morgan himself, meaning you can have an in-depth conversation with the creator if ever you need help in setting up the business. He will provide you with tried and tested advice on how he succeeded.


The package comes with the guide’s audio version – letting you listen to it while driving, commuting or cooking…

Option for a Hard Copy

You may also request for an audio CD and a hard copy of the book shipped right to your door.


The program has a ticket system, email support and FAQ. You will get a limited email support if you’re a starter member, but it will be unlimited – with email coaching – from Morgan if you upgrade to the VIP package.

Here’s what other users review about Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits:

How to Start A Woodworking Business with Wood Profits

In our opinion, this guide is absolutely RISK FREE to try. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the product itself, simply email them for a refund. Hassle free.

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Final Thoughts

Wood Profits is for you whether you’re a beginner or a skilled woodworker. It is also ideal for users looking for a startup business they could do for as little as $100.

You will also benefit from its complete list of tools and places to get them. The program is one of the most comprehensive guides for woodworking around. It contains everything you need to build a profitable home business, which can later on become a full time income source for you and your family.

It comes with the plans, blueprints and the best projects that can turn your creativity into a lucrative business that lets you live the life your deserve – with more free time, opportunities for growth and quality time with the most important people you love.

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